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Gardening for Birds, Bees and Wildlife

Lavender in garden

Spring has finally sprung; it is time to get into the garden again. A beautiful garden not only incorporates lush greenery and flowers but also has stunning wildlife. Whether you are looking to attract pollinators to help your garden thrive, or simply love the view of wildlife, gardening for them takes special care and curation.…

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How to Make an Inviting Front Yard Landscape

Front driveway and entrance

6 Great Tips and Tricks for Making Your Outdoor Space an Inviting One Illuminate your Yard Possibly the most useful tip in the list is our first. Lighting is the number one differentiator between good front yards and the best ones. Depending on your house itself, you may want to light up specific features on…

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Sustainable Landscape Design Trends

Sustainable Landscape Design Trends quiet nature

You are planning to renovate your landscape.  You want to be on trend but you also want it to be traditional so that it won’t need revamping every few years.  The best way to go is with a sustainable landscape design. Sustainable means that it is eco-friendly by reducing the reliance on non-renewable sources and…

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Garden Maintenance in the Spring – Karin Banerd

At Quiet Nature Ltd, our spring clean-up generally involves removing the dead plant material of existing perennials and grasses, and prepping the perennials, shrubs and trees for the growing season. Following is a list of what we do, though not in any particular order: Brush mulch away from existing perennials and grasses. This prevents smothering…

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Don’t overlook your soil conditions this Spring

Learn how to improve your soil quality for better gardens (from Canadian Gardening) With the milder temperatures finally approaching, it”s time to start thinking about a spring clean up and preparing your beds for optimal growth for the 2013 garden season.  One of the most overlooked items for property owners is the condition of their soil.…

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Why landscaping helps sell your home

Spring is right around the corner… Thankfully! If you are thinking about selling your house, it’s time to also start thinking about updating your landscaping. Are the hedges overgrown? Are the paths and walkways in good shape? Does your home have “curb appeal” to potential buyers driving past? Is your lawn in good condition? Neglected…

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Should I invest in a landscape maintenance package?

Should I invest in a landscape maintenance package?  By hiring Quiet Nature for your landscape maintenance needs, you eliminate all hassles associated with property upkeep.  Our qualified professional staff will know if your annuals/perennials are healthy and thriving in your beds, whether a Japanese maple tree will grow well in that shaded backyard corner, or…

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