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Diving into Luxury: Unveiling the 5 Remarkable Benefits of Fiberglass Pools

In the realm of residential swimming pools, fiberglass has emerged as a frontrunner, captivating homeowners with its sleek design and low-maintenance features. As we explore the depths of fiberglass pools, we uncover five key benefits that make them a luxurious and practical choice for those seeking an aquatic retreat in their backyard. Effortless Installation and…

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Natural swimming pools and harmful pathogens?

E. coli is a type of bacteria that can cause serious health problems if ingested. It is commonly found in sewage, animal waste, and contaminated water, and can lead to symptoms such as diarrhea, cramps, and fever. While it is possible to contract E. coli from eating contaminated food, the risk of infection from swimming…

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The Problems with Traditional Turf Landscapes

Quiet Nature started out in 1999 based on the concept of replacing front yard lawns with low-maintenance, sustainable and beneficial alternatives. We still perform this service for numerous customers through Waterloo Region and the surrounding areas each and every year. Turf grass has long been a popular choice for landscaping, especially in residential yards. It…

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5 Must-Have Trends for Your Ultimate Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living spaces have become an increasingly popular feature in home design, and there are always new trends emerging in this field. If you’re considering designing or updating an outdoor living space, here are some of the latest trends to consider:   Biophilic design: Biophilic design is the incorporation of natural elements into the design…

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Benefits of Planting Native Species in Your Garden

Native plant gardening in southern Ontario has a plethora of benefits for both the environment and the gardener. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider incorporating native plants into your garden:   Native plants are adapted to the local climate and soil conditions, which means they are more likely to thrive in…

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Naturalized Front Yards with Style

The primary element of curb appeal is your front landscaping. Usually, you will find traditional trees and flower beds next to the house and manicured lawn leading to the door.  Not all front yards need to be identical.  There are several effective elements you can add to benefit wildlife and still make your neighbors happy.…

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Why Pondless Waterfalls Are a Great Choice

mountain stream backyard

A pondless waterfall is nothing more than a water feature that has a recirculating stream of water but does not incorporate a larger basin like a pond.  It pumps water from a reservoir through the spillway and back again. There are any number of sizes and configurations so it will work just great in either…

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Koi Keeping Tips

backyard koi pond ayr

Adding koi to ponds is popular across all cultures.  They are playful and ideal for most backyard water gardens.  Many people report that the addition of these creatures aid in stress relief and relaxation.  As part of feng shui, the concept of bringing harmony into one’s surroundings, it will extend the feeling from inside to…

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