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Inspiration For Your Dream Landscape

Discover some of the most exciting projects we've had the privilege to create, from stunning backyard gardens to award-winning outdoor living spaces. Our versatile team works hand-in-hand with you to create a sensational landscape design that is both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sensitive. We believe our results truly speak for themselves

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Quiet Nature's Guiding Principles for Landscape Design

Design Should be Timeless

• Avoid fashions or trends that go out of style

• Create spaces that look like they could have been built 50 years ago or 50 years from now

Right Plant for the Right Place

• Chosen for soil, moisture, and light conditions; drought tolerance, overall pest resistance

• Native plants take priority where suitable

Lowest Impact Materials Possible

• Use of natural materials with minimal processing (natural stone, untreated wood, recycled materials)

• Use of locally sourced materials wherever possible

• Avoid soil mixtures (ie: triple mix) - use on-site soil wherever possible and select plants to suit soil, not the other way around.

Function Dictates Design

• Every element or space has to be defendable - why is it there? How does it work with the other elements

• Determine the ‘why’ before the ‘what and the how’

Emulate Natural Processes

• Diversify - monocultures do not exist in nature
•  Study natural patterns/rhythms/micro-climates
•  Create opportunities for 'at-source' water infiltration


Design for Ease of Maintenance

• Defined plant groupings for ease of plant identification & weed control

• Minimal resources needed to perform required care

• Garden bed lines to allow for ease of grass cutting where applicable

• Use products that require minimal ongoing treatments or sealants

A Trusted Local Partner

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Stunning Landscapes & Satisfied Clients


Giving Back to Mother Nature

"I selected Quiet Nature because I liked the artistic style of their landscapes and the concept of a low maintenance, drought-resistant garden. We've been able to give back to mother nature and have a fabulously beautiful backyard!"

 - Angela
Waterloo, Ontario

Butterfly on blazing star

The End Result is Beautiful

"We were very pleased with the Butterfly Garden rejuvenation project that Quiet Nature planned and installed for us. The end result is beautiful, within our budget and was created using no power tools."

 - Victoria Lant
Northlake Woods School Council;  Waterloo, Ontario

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Our Project Won Three Awards

"Our project won two Landscape Ontario awards! The craftsmanship and quality of our wonderful outdoor living room is superb. Before the project, we rarely spent time outside and now, it’s our second living room!"

 - Stephen & Donna
Conestoga, ON

Coneflower and white blazing star

We're In Love With Our Gardens

"We chose Quiet Nature because we liked that they care about the environmental footprint they leave behind. We, and our customers, are in love with the new gardens and we would gladly recommend Quiet Nature to anyone."

 - Samantha Dion
Cedar House Restaurant; Paris, Ontario

Like What You See?

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