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Benefits of Planting Native Species in Your Garden

Native plant gardening in southern Ontario has a plethora of benefits for both the environment and the gardener. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider incorporating native plants into your garden:   Native plants are adapted to the local climate and soil conditions, which means they are more likely to thrive in…

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Gardening for Birds, Bees and Wildlife

Lavender in garden

Spring has finally sprung; it is time to get into the garden again. A beautiful garden not only incorporates lush greenery and flowers but also has stunning wildlife. Whether you are looking to attract pollinators to help your garden thrive, or simply love the view of wildlife, gardening for them takes special care and curation.…

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The Best Types of Perennials That Will Last for Years

Perennials are those flowering plants that die back to the ground in the winter and then reappear in the spring.  They come in a lot of different sizes and shapes and are a popular addition to any garden.  They are particularly popular because, unlike annuals, you buy them once and have them for years and…

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Garden Maintenance in the Spring – Karin Banerd

At Quiet Nature Ltd, our spring clean-up generally involves removing the dead plant material of existing perennials and grasses, and prepping the perennials, shrubs and trees for the growing season. Following is a list of what we do, though not in any particular order: Brush mulch away from existing perennials and grasses. This prevents smothering…

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Simple Landscapes: How Clean Designs Provide a Better End Result

When it comes to an ambitious landscape idea, many clients transform into kids in a candy store. The tantalizing array of options available for a southern Ontario landscaping project can prove overwhelming. From stunning bushes and gorgeous flowers, to walkways, outdoor kitchens, and water features, it comes as no surprise that some property owners want…

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How to Choose Low Impact Landscaping Materials

Many people mistakenly believe that the visual appeal of a landscaping project is the only important factor in a design’s success. Instead, it’s also important to consider the impact the landscape will have on the natural environment. Low impact landscaping elements offer multiple benefits: they’re visually appealing and won’t hurt the ecosystem. As you prepare…

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Recreating Natural Processes in Your Backyard

Many people can craft a beautiful landscape given the right resources, but it takes a special assortment of skills to recreate natural processes in a home’s backyard. Minimally invasive landscape designs should incorporate elements that reflect the beauty of the surrounding environment. It’s also important to position landscaping in a way that contributes to the…

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Picking the Right Plants for the Right Places

With so many options to choose from, many people feel stuck when it comes to selecting the right plants for their property. The visual appeal of a plant is certainly important, but the look shouldn’t be the sole focus. Instead, it’s important to take a number of different factors into consideration, ensuring the chosen plant…

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4 Undeniable Benefits of Choosing Timeless Landscape Design.

When considering artistic landscaping services in Waterloo, many homeowners find themselves overwhelmed with the endless assortment of options available to them. While it may be tempting to incorporate trendy designs into your backyard, it’s almost always advisable to instead opt for a timeless look that will look appropriate for years to come. If you’re looking…

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