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Garden Maintenance in the Spring – Karin Banerd

At Quiet Nature Ltd, our spring clean-up generally involves removing the dead plant material of existing perennials and grasses, and prepping the perennials, shrubs and trees for the growing season. Following is a list of what we do, though not in any particular order:

  1. Brush mulch away from existing perennials and grasses. This prevents smothering of emerging growth.
  2. Prune shrubs and small trees carefully. We do not want to remove flower buds (e.g. Lilac, Spirea, Hydrangea). Dead stalks of rose bushes are cut back to live growth, crossing & dead branches of most shrubs will be pruned. This also applies to small trees which may need additional shaping.
  3. Grasses are cut back to a few inches above the ground (or as low as can be achieved without harming the new green shoots).
  4. Remove weeds and unwanted tree seedlings from beds.
  5. Rake and fluff existing mulch. A top-up of fresh mulch may be required.
  6. Edge the beds as requested.
  7. Reduce in size large clumps of perennials or grasses, if necessary and with consent.
  8. Note the general health of shrubs, small trees and perennials. This is easier to see in the spring before the growth above ground becomes dominant.

TIP: For a jump on the spring flowering season, you can cut stalks of Forsythia, place them in water

and watch for the bright yellow flowers and fresh green leaves to emerge.

We WILL also provide more customized services upon request.

Basically our services allow you to relax, and focus on enjoying the spring symphony

of emerging green growth.


Spring Photographs of Dwarf Iris

These were taken on Fri., April 7 after the late spring snowfall. One was taken in the morning

while the other was taken early the same evening.




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