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Waterfall Design and Construction Tips

Waterfall at dusk landscape backyard

Adding to your home or office building landscape is always exciting and challenging.  When you consider adding a waterfall or cascade to your area, it can be fun to plan and watch as it takes form. Why a waterfall?  First, it is just captivating to watch.  Sitting on a nearby bench and enjoying the day…

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Considering a Backyard Mountain Stream?

mountain stream backyard

If you would like a water feature for your backyard, but want more than a bubbling fountain, and you have the space, think about adding some moving water, like a brook.  You don’t need to actually live in the mountains to have a stream through your property.  With careful planning you can bring the serenity…

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Garden Maintenance in the Spring – Karin Banerd

At Quiet Nature Ltd, our spring clean-up generally involves removing the dead plant material of existing perennials and grasses, and prepping the perennials, shrubs and trees for the growing season. Following is a list of what we do, though not in any particular order: Brush mulch away from existing perennials and grasses. This prevents smothering…

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What is a Natural Swimming Pool?

Imagine a garden pond filled with white and pink water lilies and purple irises and humming with a chorus of frogs and birds. Now imagine swimming in it. Alice Klein and Hannah Hislop take a dip in the world of natural swimming pools for your landscape ( article from Superficially, a natural swimming pool looks like…

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Why Spring and Fall clean-ups are essential

Cleaning up your beds in the spring and fall will aid and prepare plants for future growing seasons.  You can help to give plants a head start for growing by removing dead plant material, pruning, turning/supplementing soil and cutting back perennials. Transplanting is most beneficial during this time as well.

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