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Garden Maintenance in the Spring – Karin Banerd

At Quiet Nature Ltd, our spring clean-up generally involves removing the dead plant material of existing perennials and grasses, and prepping the perennials, shrubs and trees for the growing season. Following is a list of what we do, though not in any particular order: Brush mulch away from existing perennials and grasses. This prevents smothering…

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Designing Landscapes for Easy Maintenance

Everyone wants to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors, but very few people want to spend their weekends tending to chores in their backyard. Traditional homes have large patches of green grass and flower beds galore, but these elements aren’t necessarily what you’d see in an unmanicured natural space. Instead of sticking with tradition,…

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Simple Landscapes: How Clean Designs Provide a Better End Result

When it comes to an ambitious landscape idea, many clients transform into kids in a candy store. The tantalizing array of options available for a southern Ontario landscaping project can prove overwhelming. From stunning bushes and gorgeous flowers, to walkways, outdoor kitchens, and water features, it comes as no surprise that some property owners want…

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How to Choose Low Impact Landscaping Materials

Many people mistakenly believe that the visual appeal of a landscaping project is the only important factor in a design’s success. Instead, it’s also important to consider the impact the landscape will have on the natural environment. Low impact landscaping elements offer multiple benefits: they’re visually appealing and won’t hurt the ecosystem. As you prepare…

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Recreating Natural Processes in Your Backyard

Many people can craft a beautiful landscape given the right resources, but it takes a special assortment of skills to recreate natural processes in a home’s backyard. Minimally invasive landscape designs should incorporate elements that reflect the beauty of the surrounding environment. It’s also important to position landscaping in a way that contributes to the…

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Picking the Right Plants for the Right Places

With so many options to choose from, many people feel stuck when it comes to selecting the right plants for their property. The visual appeal of a plant is certainly important, but the look shouldn’t be the sole focus. Instead, it’s important to take a number of different factors into consideration, ensuring the chosen plant…

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Don’t overlook your soil conditions this Spring

Learn how to improve your soil quality for better gardens (from Canadian Gardening) With the milder temperatures finally approaching, it”s time to start thinking about a spring clean up and preparing your beds for optimal growth for the 2013 garden season.  One of the most overlooked items for property owners is the condition of their soil.…

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Why Spring and Fall clean-ups are essential

Cleaning up your beds in the spring and fall will aid and prepare plants for future growing seasons.  You can help to give plants a head start for growing by removing dead plant material, pruning, turning/supplementing soil and cutting back perennials. Transplanting is most beneficial during this time as well.

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