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Designing Landscapes for Easy Maintenance

Everyone wants to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors, but very few people want to spend their weekends tending to chores in their backyard. Traditional homes have large patches of green grass and flower beds galore, but these elements aren’t necessarily what you’d see in an unmanicured natural space. Instead of sticking with tradition, why not instead branch out with low impact landscapes that don’t require the endless maintenance of their mainstream counterparts? Use the following tips to minimize the attention your landscape needs.

Focus on Clean, Simple Design

First things first, ensure your landscape design emphasizes simplicity, not an overabundance of different elements. Use plants that are hardy and appropriate for your property’s soil, and create clean lines around ornamental flower gardens. Not only is this more visually appealing, but clearly delineated spaces also make it easier to tend to tasks like mowing the grass.

Want to go a step further? Consider lawn alternative landscapes. From plant beds to gravelled areas and outdoor living spaces, there are plenty of ways you can say goodbye to finicky green grass, once and for all.

Diversify Your Plant Life

Nobody wants to waste a perfectly good day on their knees weeding. You can naturally keep your southern Ontario landscape in better shape by planting large groups of the same plant together. This makes it extraordinarily easy to identify weeds that need to go.

If you use an assortment of different species layered together with mulch, you can also reduce the amount of attention you’ll need to give your gardens.

Pick Appropriate Native Species

Native plants don’t need the same specialized attention you must provide for imported varieties. It’s always advisable to work with a landscape contractor in Waterloo or the surrounding area. A skilled horticulturalist can help you identify what soil you have on your property, and also give you input on hardy plant options that will largely take care of themselves. Forget the pesticides and chemicals—pick plants that look great with minimal work.

Make Room for Water

Naturally, water is one of the most important ingredients for a healthy backyard. Many Waterloo landscape specialists will use handcrafted ponds and streams to better serve a landscape design’s water needs. You might even consider adding a natural swimming pool to your home. Not only will such a pool provide endless fun throughout the warm summer months, but it also serves as a powerful resource for the ecosystem.

Ready to embark on a sustainable landscaping project in Ayr, Cambridge, or Kitchener? Why not work with our talented team at Quiet Nature? Our contractors and designers will collaborate together to create a stunning landscape that meets your unique needs. Best of all, we focus on creating environmentally conscious designs that make a minimal impact. Get started today by giving us a call: (519) 632-5218

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