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Why Pondless Waterfalls Are a Great Choice

A pondless waterfall is nothing more than a water feature that has a recirculating stream of water but does not incorporate a larger basin like a pond.  It pumps water from a reservoir through the spillway and back again.

There are any number of sizes and configurations so it will work just great in either large or small areas.  They are very low maintenance and will attract a number of wildlife species and are particularly attractive to pollinators.  They can be placed in either a front or back yard to greet your visitors or impress your friends with creativity.  It is a great starting point if you plan to add a pond with fish or aquatic plants later on.

Construction includes digging and lining a hole and filling it with a modular reservoir and gravel or rock.  This is where the water is held.  A pump is installed that will take the collected water and force it to the top where the water cascades back down to the receptacle.  The process is continual until you turn the power off.

Some of the things you can expect with a pondless waterfall:

  • Focal point in the landscaping – Hardscaping adds a nice contrast to the floral and turf landscaping in your yard. A bubbling waterfall combines the inorganic with the natural water to provide an eye-catching feature.  It is small enough to be unexpected.  It lends itself to either tranquility or a major highlight.  It is also nice to drown out the mechanical noise of an air conditioner or harsh sounds of nearby traffic.
  • Low maintenance – Unlike flower beds that need weeding and turf that needs mowing, a waterfall feature only needs replenishment of the small amount of water that is lost each week through evaporation.
  • Safety – There is no standing water to attract mosquitoes or grow algae or bacteria. Its shallow basin means less chance of an injury or drowning.
  • Cost effective – The initial cost of a pondless waterfall is lower than other types of water features. There are no additional chemicals to keep purchasing.  The electrical cost is minimal.
  • Calming – Studies have found that the sound of moving water has both physical and psychological impacts. That is why you will notice there are many water features at spa centers, hospitals, and therapy offices.

These water features can be incorporated into the corporate setting as well and many have been used in lobbies.  So, inside or out, residential or commercial, pondless waterfalls are a great addition to the décor.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, just contact us.  We will be happy to discuss the possibilities and to provide you with estimates.  Our workmanship is excellent and our prices competitive.  In fact, we are happy to discuss incorporating a water feature into your overall landscaping.  We have lots of ideas to share and would enjoy the opportunity.

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