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Why landscaping helps sell your home

Spring is right around the corner… Thankfully!

If you are thinking about selling your house, it’s time to also start thinking about updating your landscaping.

Are the hedges overgrown? Are the paths and walkways in good shape? Does your home have “curb appeal” to potential buyers driving past? Is your lawn in good condition?

Neglected areas can create doubt and worry the moment a potential owner sees the property.  Landscape Ontario has posted a great article on quick and easy steps to creating curb appeal and ultimately getting more money for your home.

Step One: Don’t cut down trees

Step Two: Add Plants

Step Three: Get rid of the brown

Step Four: Look for the wow factor

Landscaping prior to selling is a great investment.  Landscape investments are often recovered fully, and sometimes doubled, via increasing real estate values (Wall Street Journal) In some cases, landscaping out ranked even kitchen and bathroom renovations on return of investment.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, or feel overwhelmed by trying to create that curb appeal “WOW” factor, feel free to contact us for ideas and suggestions.)

Read the full article at Landscape Ontario




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