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Should I invest in a landscape maintenance package?

Should I invest in a landscape maintenance package?  By hiring Quiet Nature for your landscape maintenance needs, you eliminate all hassles associated with property upkeep.  Our qualified professional staff will know if your annuals/perennials are healthy and thriving in your beds, whether a Japanese maple tree will grow well in that shaded backyard corner, or if your lawn damage is the result of root eating grubs or poor soil conditions…

We ensure that your outdoor living spaces are properly cared for, allowing you to relax, knowing that your landscape investment is always in good hands.

We offer the following weekly maintenance services for residential and commercial properties:

  • lawn care (including emission free trimming, lawn mowing and soil testing)
  • weeding/cleaning garden beds
  • thinning flower beds and transplanting plant material
  • pruning /hedge trimming
  • aerating soil/mulch
  • cleaning rock beds and sweeping/tidying walkway surfaces

For more information landscape maintenance packages in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Ayr, Paris, St. George and Brant County areas of southern Ontario, feel free to contact us at 519-632-5218 or

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