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Designing a Backyard Recreation Pond

natural swimming pond dock

If you have been researching water feature landscaping options, you may have come across recreational ponds. We can all agree that they are a luxurious and functional alternative to swimming pools. They add the immense beauty of a water feature while remaining optimal for swimming and lounging. Do it Yourself or Hire a Professional? Anytime…

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Interlock Walkways To Boost Curb Appeal

Interlock walkway

If you are looking for a way to boost your home’s curb appeal, then consider putting in a lovely front walkway. It can completely change an outside area and transform it into a beautiful space that can be enjoyed by everyone. So, what type of walkway should you invest in? There are several different types…

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Adding Large Waterfalls to Natural Ponds

Waterfall at dusk landscape backyard

Having a body of water near your home can be incredibly relaxing. Ponds on your property can give your home a calming and natural feel. If a pond can bring that to your home, then imagine what a waterfall can do to the space. Not only does water create a wonderful ambiance, but the sound…

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How to Create a Backyard Oasis

Backyard waterfall and gardens

Peaceful, relaxing, and almost spiritual — backyard oases are just what we need in an ever-frantic world Sometimes we need to escape from the world around us. What better place to do it than in our own backyards? We’re going to go over some of the things you should consider for creating the perfect backyard…

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How to Know When to Hire a Landscape Designer

Sustainable Landscape Design Trends quiet nature

Should you DIY or should you hire? Lots of people like to work in their own gardens, it comes back to our roots as humanity where putting things in the ground was our very way of life. These days, most of us don’t have to focus on landscaping design and planting gardens just to live…

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Sustainable Landscape Design Trends

Sustainable Landscape Design Trends quiet nature

You are planning to renovate your landscape.  You want to be on trend but you also want it to be traditional so that it won’t need revamping every few years.  The best way to go is with a sustainable landscape design. Sustainable means that it is eco-friendly by reducing the reliance on non-renewable sources and…

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Bee Friendly Landscapes

bee friendly landscapes company ayr waterloo

Pollinators are responsible for reproduction in flowering plants.  These are not just the annuals you plant in your landscape, but vegetables, fruit trees, and other plants also produce flowers.  By transporting pollen from one plant to another, fertilization occurs and then fruits and seeds are produced. There are a number of pollinators including birds, bats,…

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Rainwater Harvesting and Re-Use

rain water use quiet nature landscaping

Looking out your window on a stormy day, you may have wondered if it was possible to harvest that rain and save it for reuse during times of less frequent showers or even droughts.  The good news is that it is not only possible it is a very good idea. Technical Terms Although you may…

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