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How to Create a Backyard Oasis

Peaceful, relaxing, and almost spiritual — backyard oases are just what we need in an ever-frantic world

Sometimes we need to escape from the world around us. What better place to do it than in our own backyards? We’re going to go over some of the things you should consider for creating the perfect backyard oasis.

Focus on privacy

How do you relax properly without privacy? We live in a world where everything is online in seconds and lasts forever. Your relaxation space doesn’t have to be one of those places. When planning your oasis, think about how you will block line of sight for your neighbours — nosey or otherwise!

Eliminate or control pests

Nothing says “rest & relaxation” like “creepy crawlies and flying bugs”, right? Eh, hang on… No that should be “you can’t have rest & relaxation with creepy crawlies and flying bugs”.

So before you invite anyone around to the best relaxation spot ever, you have to get a handle on any local pests. Eliminating them completely is likely out of the question, it’s very rare to be able to, you should definitely have a plan for controlling the population.

Standing water should be avoided as it attracts mosquitoes and is a breeding ground. Citronella candles throughout the area should help discourage flying critters.

backyard oasis waterlooCreate an area to relax

Whilst we’re not suggesting to make sure your WiFi signal doesn’t reach outside, consider how you want to handle electronics in your oasis. Sometimes the distractions of online life are exactly what we should be avoiding to really get our rest.

Depending on the vibe you like the most, you can do a few different things for a relaxation area:

  • Beachy: small decking area with outdoor chaises, with a place for your drinks nearby
  • Grounded retreat: opt for an outdoor rug, an umbrella, and some outdoor beanbag chairs or poufs.
  • Sleepy getaway: a hammock between two trees, or a swing chair in a slightly shaded spot.
  • Backyard movie theatre: long comfy outdoor couches, a projector and an inflatable screen

Whatever you choose, make sure it fits your vision for what best relaxes and calms you.

Dining table and chairs

The best way to hang out and relax is with food, especially with family and friends. Make sure you have somewhere people can eat if you’re planning an outdoor soiree. Solid chairs that make it easy to sit at a table are best for eating on.

Weather proof materials

You’re going to know your specific climate better than us, but make sure to use materials that stand up to outdoor exposure over time. There’s no point opting for something that will be ruined with too much rain, sun, or even snow!

Space for grill and meal prep

Eating outdoors is fun, but preparing and cooking the food is just as great! Your grill needs some separation from where you’re sitting, and needs ventilation so that smoke doesn’t go in everyone’s faces.

A sturdy countertop next to the grill is also a great idea for a more permanent outdoor cooking station. Nothing worse than having nowhere to put down the food you’re preparing!

Outdoor lighting

Consider how you can stay outside during the darker hours. You need soft lighting near the ground so that you can see where you’re walking — harsh pools of light can be more dangerous as it’s harder to see the darker areas than if it was all dark.

Lights can also attract your flying critters, causing disturbances in your relaxation. Either keep the lights far enough away that they won’t bother you, or make sure that the area you’re sitting in is blocked off from the insects.

Seasonable and climate specific herbs and plants

There’s no better way to create an area that feels natural and oasis-like than plants and herbs; extra bonus points if you get in-season plants and herbs. This way, your oasis smells wonderful and creates a habitat for healthy animal life — bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

Fun feature

What’s that one “fun” feature that you want people to remember long after they’ve seen your backyard? Water features are great for ambience, and in road-noisy areas a water feature like a waterfall into a pond will help mask the background urban noise.

Hot tubs are great for the adults, sorry kids, to relax in; or a firepit is something to put cheer on anyone’s evening, but make sure you provide s’mores supplies!

Overall, there are many aspects of a backyard oasis design, but the important factor is to really think about what makes your space your own, because it’s that personal touch that makes a backyard more than just a space that’s outdoors.

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