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Pond vs. Pool – Pros and Cons

backyard recreation pond

You are anticipating adding a major water feature to your home landscape.  The basic decision is whether to build a pond or a pool. A pond is an area of water, either human made or natural, smaller than a lake usually with different levels of water level.  Generally they do not include moving water like…

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What is a Natural Swimming Pool?

Imagine a garden pond filled with white and pink water lilies and purple irises and humming with a chorus of frogs and birds. Now imagine swimming in it. Alice Klein and Hannah Hislop take a dip in the world of natural swimming pools for your landscape ( article from Superficially, a natural swimming pool looks like…

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The ultimate Southern Ontario backyard

Designing outdoor living spaces over the past 13 years in and around Waterloo Region, I’ve come to realize that few landscape elements can add as much impact to your yard as a water feature. From small bubbling rocks to large scale ponds or natural swimming pools, it’s hard to compete with the the sights, sounds…

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