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Grassland Restoration

The loss of grasslands is a serious problem.  It increases soil erosion and disturbs wildlife.  The animals and insects that normally inhabit grassland areas will either find their way into residential communities or will disappear.  That includes the pollinators that are vital to continued plant propagation.

At Quiet Nature we recognize the need to maintain wildflower meadows and grassland areas in the landscape.  They can be integrated into small spaces as well as more expansive areas.  Many of our clients have opted for this alternative in lieu of traditional turf.  It helps specifically Ontario, but the planet as well, by reducing carbon footprints and eliminating the use of pesticides and fertilizers.  Because they are self-sustaining, it is unnecessary to use mowers and other machinery to keep it beautiful.

As our commitment to the outdoor life and the importance of nature, we operate a 10-acre farm where we test various species of plants.  We look toward food and nesting opportunities for birds and animals.  Our plants are chosen with an eye toward attracting and sustaining pollinators.  All of this is with the goal of an ecosystem that is able to exist without human intervention.  We refer to it as naturalization.

We like to share these opportunities with our customers.  We look to residential clients who are tired of the upkeep on traditional turf and flower beds.  Our experience shows that, over time, maintenance is significantly reduced and pollution is diminished.  For our corporate clientele, we turn campus areas into stunning meadows.  This provides a respite for employees who return to their desks and computers more productive and refreshed from the experience of a bit of country in the heart of the city.

We are proud of our contribution to grassland and prairie restoration projects for Conservation Authorities, in city parks, and new developments.  Our efforts have shown an increase in bobolink and meadowlark population and biodiversity through thoughtful seed mixes.

Installation methods are customized to the dimensions and range of each project.  We are able to use hydroseeding, terraseed, drill seeders and hand broadcasting.

If all of this sounds appealing, contact us.  We have representatives who specialize in this type of landscaping.  We would like to hear your goals and any plant, animal, insect, or bird population you would like to target.  The terrain doesn’t matter.  We have experience with dry hilltops to low wet ground.

Starting with a conversation about the location and lay of the land, we explore your dreams and vision for the area.  An on-site visit will give us the perspective necessary to develop a plan and estimate of cost and time.  We are respectful of budgetary constraints and do our best to offer the best option for biodiversity and habitat.

A strong landscaping design will help preserve the environment for decades, offer a pleasant surrounding for those who use and view the area, and add value to your property.  Contact us and see how we can help.

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