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Grassland Restoration

grassland restoration

The loss of grasslands is a serious problem.  It increases soil erosion and disturbs wildlife.  The animals and insects that normally inhabit grassland areas will either find their way into residential communities or will disappear.  That includes the pollinators that are vital to continued plant propagation. At Quiet Nature we recognize the need to maintain…

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Why Consider a Backyard Recreation Pond?

backyard recreation pond

Many people would like to have the opportunity to swim at home but are discouraged by the idea of a rectangular concrete hole filled with chlorine treated water.  A good option is a natural pool.  This is human made but designed to look more like naturally formed pools or ponds. To create a true “natural…

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Backyard Kitchen Designs

Outdoor Kitchens and Fire Features lower image 1

You have invested in a deck and patio and would like to increase the use of your outdoor space even more.  One of the best ways is to create an outdoor kitchen.  No more opening and closing the door to the house and toting food back and forth.  You can have the convenience of storage…

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