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Does mulching benefit garden beds?

Does mulch benefit garden beds?  Yes!  Think of it as a nutrient-rich blanket protecting and fostering optimum plant growth.

By definition, mulch is “A protective covering placed on the earth around growing plants esp. to prevent moisture evaporation, protect roots from freezing and to retard the growth of weeds.” (Websters Dictionary II)

The best time to lay down mulch is in the spring.   There are many types of mulches available but organic is best for plant growth.  

Be cautious of coloured and dyed mulches….Though you may find them aesthetically pleasing, they can often damage plants, shrubs and trees due to their chemical content.Mulching also reduces water required to one third of the amount throughout the growing season. The soil stays evenly moist under the mulch. And as the organic mulches decay, the soil nutrient levels improve.

This will add to the length of the growing season.   Your garden beds will eventually become lower maintenance, contain less weeds (the mulch layer works as a barrier) and help to produce healthy, vibrant greenery in your yard.

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