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Why Gardening is Beneficial for School Children

Many studies demonstrate the emotional value of gardening and creating green spaces.  More recent studies indicate gardens at schools have very powerful and positive effects on our children.  It seems likely that humans are essentially hard-wired to feel better in nature, and need to have plants close to us.

Gardening (used as a learning platform at schools) can greatly impact physical, psychological, spiritual, social, and emotional well-being in children.  (Visit the “” link below to explore additional benefits of gardening for school aged children)

Green Thumbs Growing Kids” is an amazing charity putting gardens to work in the school systems to encourage positive change, growth and development.  To teach gardening, is to encourage a holistic approach to raising healthy, well rounded children in our schools.  If you are looking for inspiration on getting involved in your own gardening program for your school, watch this video.

If your vision is for one year, plant rice~
If your vision is for 10 years, plant trees~
but if your vision is for 100 years, educate children

*African proverb


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