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Great landscapes start with great soil

Great landscapes begin with great soil.  Healthy soil equals healthy lawn and gardens and the best way to get there is from the ground up.  The loose, dark earth in great gardens doesn”t just happen: it”s cultivated!

You can amend soil with sand to improve drainage, or drier soil with clay to make it moist and firm. It is also very beneficial to include doses of organic material — old leaves, dead headed flowers, manure, grass clippings and of course, compost. Organic matter improves and nourishes any kind of soil which, in turn, encourages better lawn and plant growth.

Soil tests help to tell us the nutrient levels in your garden soil, a plant version of the nutrient guides on packaged foods. They also indicate a pH and organic content, two factors important to overall smooth sailing from the ground up.  By testing the soil in a few areas on your property, we can help address lawn and garden issues and resolve them.  Does Quiet Nature do soil testing?  Yes!  We’d be happy to test your soil for you.

For more information on soil/soil testing in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Ayr, Paris, St. George and Brant County areas of southern Ontario, feel free to contact us at 519-632-5218 or

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