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Great Backyard Fire Features to Choose From

The Toronto Star recently published a very interesting article about backyard fire pits and fireplaces.  In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights.

Dispelling the notion that fire pits are only for summer fun, one family reported using their outdoor area through mid-November.  With all of the Covid restrictions in place, it gave their family a safe option to gather face to face outdoors and to interact without electronics.  Carefully spacing and having one family on either side of the firepit, it was a welcome respite from all of the difficulties of the year.

The article also pointed out that Toronto-based Paloform, a manufacturer of outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, saw a 150% increase in new inquiries as of 2021.  Many of these queries were part of a major renovation of backyards.  Paloform further contends that adding fire to a space creates an ambiance that doesn’t compare to others.  It creates a central focus.

Paloform’s fire pits are propane or natural gas fueled and most customers connect the pit to a natural gas line already connected to the home.  This is completely permitted by the City of Toronto, but each homeowner should research local municipality regulations.  Traditional bonfires or wood burning fire pits are generally prohibited.  Citing Toronto deputy fire chief Larry Cocco, open air burning can be unsafe as well as a nuisance to neighbors who would not appreciate a smoke coming through open windows or wind drifting smoke into their children’s backyard play area.

Discussing the cost of fire pits, the Paloform models range in price from $2,000 to $10,000 but there are very nice fire bowls available through Home Depot for only $139.  Canadian Tire stock models that look like coffee tables for $599.

One other item the article addressed was that, according to a survey by HomeStars 54% of the respondents planned to improve their outdoor area in 2021.  This is an increase of 400% over a similar survey in March 2020.

Improve the Use of Your Outdoor Space

If you are part of that group that would like to overhaul your landscaping this year, or are interested in improving your use of outdoor space with a fire pit or fireplaces, Quiet Nature is here to help.  We can source a full range of fire pits in a variety of styles and price ranges, and have specialists who can do all the installation for you.

In addition, if you want a more extensive upgrade of your landscaping and/or hardscaping, we are here to provide the professional expertise you need.  We can install new patios, decks, walkways or other features.  Or, if you prefer, we can revamp your current outdoor living areas.  We are masters at working with areas of all sizes and shapes.  Check out our portfolio.

We can give you the landscape you have always wanted.  Just ask.  We will have one of our specialists contact you about an appointment to look over your area.  We will listen carefully to your ideas and needs and prepare a customized landscaping plan and estimate.

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