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Over the course of the past 15 years, we've worked diligently to pioneer innovative approaches to landscape design. From developing lawn alternatives that require no pesticides to bringing the joy of natural swimming ponds to the backyards of Ontario, our work has consistently been recognized by industry leaders and the press.


"Going Green without Grass"

Quiet Nature pioneers alternatives to traditional sod

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"You Don't Need a Pesky Lawn"

Eschew a standard lawn for a landscape alternative.

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"Don't Pave Your Driveway—Plant It!"

Alternative solutions to unappealing pavement.

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"Landscaper Rallies for Pesticide-Free Lawns"

Derek heads up the right against pesticides

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"See the Forest for the Trees"

Creating a sustainable landscape.

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"Green Space" Before & After

Transforming a backyard landscape.

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"Landscape Company Experiments with Natural Swimming Pond"

Quiet Nature leads the way with natural swim ponds.

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