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Zero emission lawn at KW Home & Garden Show

For Immediate Release

Zero emission lawn and garden service to launch at KW Home & Garden Show (Mar. 25-27)

March 21, 2011
Ayr, ON

A local business is making a difference for our Region’s air quality this season. Quiet Nature Ltd. (formerly Naturally Maintained Ltd.) is introducing a lawn and garden maintenance division using ‘people powered’ and electric equipment. After years of research, pondering, and crunching numbers, the business finally decided to launch the electric service.

Reduced air pollution, a major concern in southern Ontario, may only be part of the advantage. The equipment used also is noticeably quiet – up to half the noise levels of gas-powered counterparts. The vehicles used to haul this equipment, ultra-efficient Japanese Kei trucks, are also sure to stand out in a crowd. Although the trucks themselves are not electric (yet), they do achieve amazing fuel mileage. Vehicle emissions will be off-set through (XXXX), equipment batteries are charged using bullfrogpower, and the entire company is looking to reduce their carbon footprint with the help of Sustainable Waterloo.

Derek Lippert, company founder, feels the time is right to go electric. “Aware of the resources consumed by the traditional lawn, I started this business in 1999 with a focus on lawn alternative & naturalized landscapes. Since that time we’ve evolved to offer a full suite of sustainable landscape solutions; but, until now, have been leaving out a big piece of the puzzle – maintenance. So how can landscape maintenance be sustainable? Well, the first thing that has to go is the gas.”

For example…

  • Gas-powered lawn mowers are very inefficient. Running a gas-powered lawn mower for one hour can produce as much air pollution as driving a car 550 kilometers. Source: Ministry of Environment – Canada
  • If each gasoline-powered lawn mower in North America spills one litre of fuel per season, there would be 56 million liters of fuel spilled. This is the amount carried by about 2,800 tanker trucks.
  • According to the Government of Canada (One-Tone Challenge) a gasoline powered lawn mower emits about 48 kilograms (106 lbs) of greenhouse gas in one season.

2009 and 2010 have been good years for Lippert’s business. With a recent name change and re-branding, the granting of four provincial Awards of Excellence for landscape design and construction, addition of key professional staff, and now launching of the region’s first zero emission lawn and garden service, Quiet Nature feels prepared to meet the needs of the community like never before.

For information:
Phone: 519-632-5218
KW Home & Garden Show : booth B347

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