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Why is pruning important?

Many gardeners are afraid to prune for fear of destroying the plant.   But pruning can be necessary to ensure optimal growth in a garden setting.

Woody plants should be pruned both spring and fall.  Removing deadwood and damaged or diseased branches will improve shape, structure and overall health of your plants.  Pruning also encourages new growth.   You can learn to fill in shrub holes of change a hedges shape by following a few simple rules


Be sure to do some research as flowering shrubs have different pruning needs.  Many great pruning resources are also available online such as this one from Landscape Ontario (–evergreens)

If the task still seems too overwhelming, we”re here to help!

For more information on pruning your shrubs/hedges/gardens in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Ayr, Paris, St. George and Brant County areas of southern Ontario, feel free to contact us at 519-632-5218 or

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