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Why Consider a Backyard Recreation Pond?

Many people would like to have the opportunity to swim at home but are discouraged by the idea of a rectangular concrete hole filled with chlorine treated water.  A good option is a natural pool.  This is human made but designed to look more like naturally formed pools or ponds.

To create a true “natural pool” it must be filtered organically and without the use of chemicals.

In order to complete this filtering a second area, called a regeneration zone or wetland filter, is constructed near or within the swimming pond.  This regeneration pool is where water passes through a gravel-bed filter specifically designed with plants to help clean the water.  This regeneration pool forms an ecosystem that attracts animals and insects while the main swimming zone of your pond is not as appealing to these creatures.  So you help sustain the environment and still get to swim unhampered.

While you will be saving a considerable amount of money annually from not having to purchase chemicals as with a traditional pool, you will find your initial investment higher than with a traditional pool since the overall size of a natural pool is generally larger and the construction is more labour intensive.  You will need to have significant space designated for your total pool area.

Not everyone will enjoy swimming in natural pond.  While the water is clean, it can go through various phases as the system matures.  Also, unlike a traditional pool, there will probably always be some sediment on the bottom and throughout the water column, more like in a natural body of water.

If you decide that an organic recreation pond is right for you, you will need to find the right builder.  Most pool builders will not understand the construction needs, and typical pond building companies do not have great degree of knowledge of swimming pool safety design standards and codes.  Find a company that has experience with this specific type of structure and ask to see examples of their work.  If possible, speak with the owners of pools they have built.  Those homeowners will probably be able to give you some insights into their enjoyment of their new swimming structure as well as how easy, or difficult, it was to work with the company you are considering.

Quiet Nature should definitely be on your list of potential companies to build your organic, natural swimming pond system.  They have extensive experience with the construction and landscaping of these areas.  We will be happy to set up an appointment to discuss options.


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