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What is Dry Stone Construction?

Why choose dry stone construction for your property over the more common concrete landscape products? Not only does the aesthetic look of a naturally hand crafted dry stone wall have superiority over the glued squared concrete block, but it also lasts a lifetime. The reason dry stone walls work so well is that there is the absence of a binder like mortar or glues. To some the idea of a stone wall without cement is scary. But when built by a trained professional, a dry stone wall is strong and structural support system.



With the absence of mortar the wall will flex and move with the earth when natural shifting occurs. Giving the stones that freedom is why dry stone construction works so well in our Canadian climate.



Dry stone walling is also the best choice for people who are trying to be more green and energy conscious. Using natural materials gives your wall a lower embedded energy value compared to the over processed concrete products. Also in being hand crafted no saws are used during the construction process leaving the workspace free of both air pollution and noise pollution.



Dry stone & barn beam pergola Guelph ON by Sean Donnelly (

If you are interested in having dry stone landscape construction done, we highly recommend Sean Donnelly from for your project needs.

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