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A review from Conestoga, Ontario

We have a one-acre property with a stream and mature trees. Our main interest was in eliminating lawn maintenance and improving wildlife habitat. Derek’s plan resulted in four seasons of colour and sound, and greatly reduced outdoor work. The landscape is now our primary source of entertainment as well as privacy and beauty. So many creative touches found their way into the plan: an area for reptiles and other burrowers; a stone bench at just the right spot for surveying all the beauty; pathways that invite wandering; stepping stones placed just right for making the creek gurgle–and this is just a small list.

We appreciate that Derek found us truly native-to-the-region plants and not cultivars. And he was so willing to adapt his plans to perfectly suit our requests and wishes. Best of all, his team of skilled and professional workers were so meticulous about their handiwork, and consistently tidy and respectful, too. They are a delight to have around and are most welcome here any time. We can’t recommend Naturally Maintained more highly.

Steven and Donna
Private Residence
Conestoga, ON

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