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The Beauty of Backyard Recreational Ponds

Have you heard about backyard recreational ponds, also known as natural swimming ponds?  They are a real alternative to a swimming pool for the family that prefers an eco-friendly option.  This is a backyard pond that is constructed to accommodate both plant life and to allow for humans to enjoy the opportunity to take a quick dip or long swim in the privacy of their own backyard.


Generally, these water features are constructed into two sections, or zones.  There is a somewhat shallow section of around one to two feet deep that is for plants, and another from three to eight feet deep for swimming.  Timber can separate the two areas.

The water moves through layers of gravel for filtering and a selection of appropriate plants aids in the filtration.  Chlorine is not necessary.


If you hate coming off a swim smelling like chlorine, or do not enjoy the burning eyes and itching skin, this is the option for you.  A traditional pool has only limited use during the warm summer.  A pond provides year round appeal and can even be used for skating in the winter.

Some conventional pool designs can become dated, but a pond is a classic and since it is constructed to be harmonious with the environment, will never ‘go out of style’.

The pond uses natural elements to maintain clarity and cleanliness.  Using the right kind of beneficial bacteria additives and plant life will control the nitrate and phosphate levels, thereby preventing, or at least greatly reducing, the growth of various forms of algae.   Plentiful water circulation and movement, together with beneficial wildlife like dragonflies, frogs, and tadpoles will help control any unwanted  insect larvae from growing.

Water features always add to the value of your home.  A pond is a unique element in the landscape design and probably one that your neighbours won’t think of, giving you the edge during resale.

If all of this is appealing to you, contact our office.  One of our representatives will be happy to come to discuss the finer points.  At that time, we can also scope out an appropriate area and discuss the layout as well as provide a rough estimate of the cost and time to construct the pond.  A final quote will be available when the details have been worked out.






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