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Spring Garden Care Tips

Time to break out your shovel and trowel, Spring is upon us. It is prime gardening season. Gardening is an essential part of curating and brightening your outdoor space during the warmer months. Brushing up on the basics of Spring gardening can help keep your flowers and shrubs looking healthy and thriving. The fundamentals are always the best place to start when prepping.

To help you have the perfect garden this season, here are some essential tips and tricks. Also, did we mention they are easy and simple?

Clean-up Your Garden Beds

An annual Spring cleaning isn’t strictly meant for indoor spaces. It is also a crucial part of prepping your garden space. There are a few things you will want to do to clean up your garden beds for the new season.

First, pull up all of those pesky weeds. They are unsightly and can damage your beautiful flowers. Then you will want to collect and discard any debris; this could include random trash and old rotting petals. Plants and weeds both require nutrients to grow. They may end up starving your plants of those vital nutrients.

You will also want to prune any old shrubs, bushes, or trees you have in your beds. Spring is the perfect time to do this. Remember to collect and discard any debris that occurs while doing so.

Test and Feed Your Soil 

Testing the soil in your garden beds can inform you whether or not they have the necessary minerals and nutrients to supply your plants and allow them to thrive. Experts suggest that gardeners test their soil every three to five years.

If you find that your garden soil is lacking key minerals and nutrients, feed it. There are many products on the market that can help you do this. Speak to your local gardening center workers to choose which item will suit your needs best. A tried-and-true way anyone can feed their soil is by topping it off with no more than an inch or two of compost, manure, or humus.

Watch Out for Freezing Temperatures

Although spring has joyfully come upon us, some of those freezing Winter temps can still creep in. Especially during the night hours. Freezing temperatures are devastating to many plants and can cause tender ones to die off.

To combat this, cover your plants when freezing temps are listed in the forecast. You can use old worn sheets and towels to protect and cover them from the cold. Do not use plastic coverings, such as tarps. Plastics tend to increase the cold temperatures for the tender plants. That can harm the tender plant cells and ruin all of your hard work.

Happy Gardening

It’s always a great idea to brush yourself up on the fundamentals of gardening before heading into the new season. These simple and easy tasks will have your garden beds looking beautiful and lively. Always remember that gardening is supposed to be fun and bring beauty to your outdoor space.

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