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The Grand River Adventure 2013

What is The Grand River Adventure?

7 days
250 km
1 Grand River
Welcome to the second annual edition of The Grand River Adventure!

Paddling the Grand River from start to finish (over 250 kms) to raise funds for tree planting through the GRCA.
Late April this year (April 21-27, 2013), Derek Lippert and JP Bartle (of the landscape firm Quiet Nature Ltd.) will be paddling the entire length of the Grand River, from its humble beginnings north of Grand Valley to the waves of Lake Erie at Port Maitland. By providing a ‘source to mouth’ insight into the river, Derek and JP hope to increase awareness of watershed-wide environmental issues and tourism potential while raising funds for the Grand River Conservation Authority’s tree planting and naturalization efforts.
The Grand is the central river of our local watershed, the largest in southern Ontario. Over it’s 300 km length the Grand and its tributaries support nearly 1 million people, over 6 650 square kilometers, in 38 different cities, towns and municipalities. Its waters fill our taps and take away our treated sewage, irrigate our crops and nourish our wetlands. With an anticipated 30% growth in population over the next 20 years, the Grand will see more pressure than it’s ever known.
If you’d like to sponsor this worthwhile cause and get involved,  please call 519-632-5218
or send an email to
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