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Reforestation in Ontario

Ambitious projects that deliver impressive results

Deforestation is often a necessary evil of new developments, and Southern Ontario has seen plenty of it over the course of the past several decades. While clearing trees and habitats does provide the necessary land for housing and businesses, it also degrades the environment, endangering local wildlife and increasing pollution levels throughout the province. Reforestation is the process of restoring natural forests and creating new woodlands. These efforts counteract some of the damage caused to the ecosystem while creating a natural area for humans and wildlife to enjoy together.

The benefits of reforestation are numerous, but it's important to carefully plan a project's trajectory before jumping in feet first. Quiet Nature makes an ideal partner for reforestation in Ontario, thanks to our extensive experience in this domain. Over the course of the past 15 years, we have worked to develop techniques that are appropriate for our ecoregion, and we continually invest in experimentation to better serve our customers. Quiet Nature's home base sits on a 10-acre farm, where you'll regularly find our staff planting new vegetation and working to discover what works best.

Considering a reforestation or ecological restoration project in Southern Ontario? Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about the options available to you: (519)-632-5218.

Explore the Benefits of Ecological Restoration in Ontario


Habitat Creation

In the process of creating new homes for the inhabitants of Ontario, deforestation strips wildlife of their own. Creating a new forest provides countless opportunities for birds and small animals to build their nests and dens. Few things are as enjoyable as watching wildlife interact outdoors, and creating a new forest is the perfect recipe for encouraging such encounters.

Low Impact Development

Low-impact development (LID) is a term used in Canada and the United States to describe a land planning and engineering design approach to manage stormwater runoff as part of green infrastructure. LID emphasizes conservation and use of on-site natural features to protect water quality. This approach implements engineered small-scale hydrologic controls to replicate the pre-development hydrologic regime of watersheds through infiltrating, filtering, storing, evaporating, and detaining runoff close to its source. Green infrastructure investments are one approach that often yields multiple benefits and builds city resilience. (source: Wikipedia)

Tractor planting
pondside planting

Beautiful Space to Enjoy

Spending time in nature isn't only enjoyable, it's also immensely beneficial to your health. Who doesn't love taking a long hike in the woods and seeing the beauty of the world unfold before our eyes? Creating a new forest is so much more than a simple landscaping project. Instead, it's an investment into the health and beauty of our world for generations to come.

Stunning Landscapes & Satisfied Clients

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Giving Back to Mother Nature

"I selected Quiet Nature because I liked the artistic style of their landscapes and the concept of a low maintenance, drought-resistant garden. We've been able to give back to mother nature and have a fabulously beautiful backyard!"

 - Angela
Waterloo, Ontario

covered outdoor living spaces

The End Result is Beautiful

"We were very pleased with the Butterfly Garden rejuvenation project that Quiet Nature planned and installed for us. The end result is beautiful, within our budget and was created using no power tools."

 - Victoria Lant
Northlake Woods School Council;  Waterloo, Ontario

A Trusted Local Partner

A quick note about how we do things.

In an effort to keep our overhead to a minimum (and therefore our pricing competitive) we do not provide free estimates.

We do have a pricing page here on our website, and would love to talk with you about your property and discuss ways in which we may be able to help you out.

However there is a consultation fee if you would like to have one of our designers or horticulturalists meet you on your property to start generating ideas and pricing. Thanks.

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Our Project Won Three Awards

"Our project won three Landscape Ontario awards! The craftsmanship and quality of our wonderful outdoor living room is superb. Before the project, we rarely spent time outside and now, it’s our second living room!"

 - Steven & Donna
Conestoga, ON

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We're In Love With Our Gardens

"We chose Quiet Nature because we liked that they care about the environmental footprint they leave behind. We, and our customers, are in love with the new gardens and we would gladly recommend Quiet Nature to anyone."

 - Samantha Dion
Cedar House Restaurant; Paris, Ontario

Why Choose Quiet Nature?

We Bring Our Passion to Every Project

Whether you're looking for a home patio redesign, meadowland creation, or a natural swimming pond, we bring our passion for great design and environmentally friendly practices to every project. Let our experienced horticulturists and landscape craftsmen bring your vision to life in an exciting and innovative fashion.

Professional Results without the Pollution

The natural beauty of your landscaping shouldn't infringe on the health of its surroundings. Our zero emission maintenance approach uses "people powered" tools and battery-operated equipment to produce fewer emissions and less noise. We produce professional results and your neighbours will love us!

Experience that Truly Counts

Don't entrust your landscaping project to an amateur, but instead choose to work with award-winning landscape designers. We've had the opportunity to partner with hundreds of local home and business owners to create sensational landscapes that are visually appealing and environmentally sensitive.

View Examples of Our Award-Winning Work

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From backyard patios to swimming pools, natural gardens, wildflower meadows and so much more, our commitment to delivering exceptional results makes every project truly special. Our award-winning designs reach far beyond the traditional confines of landscaping, thanks to our  dedication to producing work that doesn't compromise on our ideals. 

We believe the beauty of our natural world should be available to everyone, and our innovative designs highlight the versatility of sustainable landscaping. It's a unique strategy that has successfully contributed to the creation of some of our area's most impressive residential backyards, low maintenance gardens, and stunning water features.

Take a few moments to explore our previous work and get inspired for your next landscape design project. 

Ready to Take Action?

Book your consultation today and let us make your landscape vision a reality. 

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