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Natural Landscape Trends That Are Here to Stay

Home landscapes are important because they help us feel connected to the environment.  At the same time homeowners want to maintain responsibility to the land and atmosphere.   You want to create something that is aesthetically pleasing but to remain true to your desire to incorporate as much of the natural elements as possible. Here are some natural landscape trends that you might want to consider:


The front door and approach are one of the first things people see whether they are coming to visit or just taking a stroll through the neighbourhood.  Incorporating natural elements can still reflect your personality but be accountable ecologically.

Some options include alternatives to traditional turf.  Using native plants means less maintenance including lower water needs.  Creating paths out of local stone or using interlock pavers.  Our professional designers have many suggestions that you can draw on.

Play Areas

Parents, grandparents, and day care providers don’t necessarily need to invest in plastic play sets.  Using creativity you can create an irregular and yet stimulating area using stone and wood.  Carefully planted shrubbery (like boxwoods) that can be pruned into unusual shapes and trees can be a maze one day and a castle the next.  It will allow children to understand the diversity of the outdoors and help develop inventiveness that will lead to better problem solving skills.  It also encourages physical activity and plant recognition.  Careful landscaping will also be diverse in colour and texture.


Walls in the home landscape serve more than one purpose.  It could be that because of the lay of the land, you need a retaining wall to prevent soil erosion.  They can also be a barrier to define a specific area of your yard that you can use as a respite.  It can also create an enclosure for a pool or decorative pond.  They can double as additional seating.

At Quiet Nature we construct walls that are built without the use of mortar.  Our landscapers are skilled in the art of placing the right stone in the correct place.  The stones will not only interlock with each other but will provide the load bearing criteria for a solid structure.  Using Drystone means that the wall will adjust with the Canadian temperatures and moisture but still remain firm for decades or more.


You can also create a mini courtyard for entertaining that includes seating, cooking and serving area, and even a pond.  At Quiet Nature we can create a natural pond that uses no harmful chemicals.  Generally the shallow areas are havens for aquatic plants and the insects that not only purify the water but are the mainstay of our pollination system.  We can also include a deeper area that can offer the opportunity for swimming.

If any of these environmentally friendly landscaping options are appealing, contact us at Quite Nature.  We have even more ideas that you will love and can incorporate into your existing or new landscape.  We can arrange a convenient appointment to discuss your inspiration and our know how.

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