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COVID-19 Response: Somewhere between an Ostrich and a Panic Room.


Open for business…for now.


Although we won’t be shutting down operations at Quiet Nature (or hoarding toilet paper), we are taking this threat very seriously. We do believe it is dangerous and is going to get much worse over the coming weeks.

Working outdoors in small groups is one of the safest work environments I imagine. Luckily for us, our work lends its self well to the CDC protocols. We don’t need to work in close proximity, small crews, and working outside enjoying the fresh air!

While our staff is not in a high-risk demographic, we all have family and friends that are. Myself included.


Health, safety, and family come first.


We are urging our staff and everyone else to please follow the precautionary measures from Health Canada and the government, including social distancing, self-isolation, and increased hygiene.

In our office, we’ll be disinfecting handles, buttons, & surfaces and hand sanitizing regularly, plus putting a hold on our standard high-five greetings. Much the same with our trucks and field crews who are all equipped with gloves, bleach solution, and disinfectant wipes.

Anyone not feeling well will be asked to stay home, and those more comfortable working from home, or not working at all, are encouraged to do so.

We’re making a few changes in how we provide service.

In order for our landscape sales and design teams to connect with you safely, we will be reaching out to newly-scheduled appointments with the following two options:

  1. Connect virtually (Google Hangout invitation)
  2. Meet in-person but remain outside (don’t expect handshakes or hugs!)
  3. Site visit without meeting/follow up phone call
Just like spring follows winter, this crisis will pass as well. In time and we’ll be a stronger community when we come out the other side. People’s lives are enriched through deeper relationships with the outdoors and with each other. We encourage you to take this temporary pause to reflect on the people and things that matter most to you.


All the best. Be safe. Stay healthy. Share gratitude for what you have.


Derek Lippert

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