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Soul Standard for Organic Land Care

Over the past several years the term “organic” seems to have taken on a life of its own.  We see it branded on everything from carrots to shampoo, clothing to coffee filters.  We generally believe that anything displaying this brand is natural, healthy and free from harmful substances.  We will even pay more for products…

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Sustainable landscape design: lawn alternatives

With a sense of urgency brought on by recent Province wide pesticide bans, 2012 will likely see more residents and local policy makers questioning not only the right to add chemicals to our lawns, but also the need for its very existence. You see, increased anxiety over pesticide & fertilizer usage is only one area…

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Open Ayr Gathering

On October 20th, 2011 Quiet Nature hosted the first annual Open Ayr Gathering of Applied Ecological Restoration Professionals. The weather was not in our favour, so the event was ironically held indoors at the historic Richwood Schoolhouse, a 150 year old stone building 10 km south-west of Ayr.

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Sustainable landscape design: what does it mean?

The word “sustainability” may be relatively new, and quite frankly overused, but its underlying ethic has deep roots on the North American continent. Native Americans have historically held to the “seven generations” rule, meaning that all decisions should take into account the impact on seven generations into the future.

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Creating natural looking water features

Your backyard pond can be a source of great pleasure and enjoyment, adding to your landscape what few other features can; including, sound, movement, and wildlife attraction. However, while a water feature has potential to add so much to your landscape, it can be difficult to  make it actually belong with the landscape.

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Rain Gardens: sustainable landscaping

A rain garden is basically an area where water collects and infiltrates on your property, rather than rushing to the municipal storm sewer system. Occasionally, if your soil has good drainage and plants are well established, simply adjusting the landscape so that downspouts and paved surfaces drain into existing gardens is all that’s needed.

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Natural Playground in Guelph

Quiet Nature has completed it’s first natural playground installation. Designed by the landscape architects at Dougan and Associates for First Steps Daycare (Guelph, ON), this playscape includes natural features aimed at triggering a child’s imagination.

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