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Backyard Kitchen Designs

You have invested in a deck and patio and would like to increase the use of your outdoor space even more.  One of the best ways is to create an outdoor kitchen.  No more opening and closing the door to the house and toting food back and forth.  You can have the convenience of storage and cooking all in one place making it easier for you and your guests.


Let’s face it.  A grill is going to be the centerpiece of your outdoor kitchen.  Start by deciding whether to go charcoal, gas, or hybrid.  Be sure there is enough room to manoeuvre, and that either a nearby sturdy table or counter to hold trays, tools, and supplies is available.  Don’t discount a combination of cooking surfaces.  There are a number of reasonably priced grills of any number of sizes.  Grouping them means you have the flexibility to cook for a cosy dinner for two or keep using different grills and throw a major summer holiday bash.

Pizza Oven

There are a number of choices.  You can opt for a wood-fired, high-heat unit that can be bricked in to become a permanent part of your area.  The lower end is a kit that will fit into a standard grill that has one of those dome lids.  If you are really on a budget, just buy a good pizza stone.


The first thought that comes to mind is keeping those soft drinks and adult beverages cool.  Instead of a portable cooler that you keep tripping over, install a mini fridge that is specifically designed for patio use.  If your tastes run to beer, install a kegerator.


Cabinetry is a must-have for your own convenience.  Going with stainless steel means flexibility for a changing local climate and to tie in with the stainless on your grill.  If you would like something lower maintenance, check out those made of marine-grade polymers.  Wood is always a good choice, but select something from teak, bamboo or cypress for the durability you need for the outdoors.


Whether it is mint to finish off your julep or some parsley to top your potatoes, keep your herb garden accessible.  Put them in large pots so they will double as décor or some over the rail planters.


Avoiding the broiling sun or shelter from that unexpected, pop-up shower, think about some type of overhead covering.  At least be sure the cooking area is protected so that you won’t need to transport a half-cooked meal back into the house.

Comfy chairs and tables are also a priority.  Use splashes of your favourite colours on interchangeable pillows or cushions.  Wood furniture is always stylish.  Outdoor rugs can dress up an otherwise casual area.

At Quiet Nature, we have a ton of ideas we are willing to share with you.  Just contact us about turning your outdoor area into an entertainment mecca.  Our experts can incorporate your ideas into our designs.

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