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Small Water Features for Your Yard

bubbling rock feature quiet nature

Incorporating a water feature into your home landscape is a wonderful way to add interest to your garden.  There are a number of designs to choose from and you can be as creative as you like. Bubbling Boulder Another beautiful water feature you can choose for your yard is a bubbling boulder. It’s a water…

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Bringing Life Back to an Old Farm Pond

farm pond quiet nature

If you find yourself with a farm pond that is in need of rejuvenation, be aware that it can get a little messy but in the long run will be worth the effort.  Some of the benefits include: Enhances the landscape Supports local wildlife Increases property value Adds recreational opportunities Evaluate and Examine Start with…

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The Best Types of Perennials That Will Last for Years

Perennials are those flowering plants that die back to the ground in the winter and then reappear in the spring.  They come in a lot of different sizes and shapes and are a popular addition to any garden.  They are particularly popular because, unlike annuals, you buy them once and have them for years and…

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Difficult Decisions This is a very challenging time for small businesses. With uncertainty surrounding the length of the current shutdowns, or when they will get more stringent, many of us are having to make very difficult decisions. In order to keep at least a portion of our economy moving, I feel that those who can…

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