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Pond vs. Pool – Pros and Cons

backyard recreation pond

You are anticipating adding a major water feature to your home landscape.  The basic decision is whether to build a pond or a pool. A pond is an area of water, either human made or natural, smaller than a lake usually with different levels of water level.  Generally they do not include moving water like…

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How to Create Sustainable Landscapes

sustainable landscape

The late 20th and now in the 21st Century we are becoming more aware of the necessity to create sustainable lifestyles.  That includes our outdoor living spaces.  There are quite a few opportunities to still have the comfort of a home or office landscape but with greater attention to the impact it has on the…

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Spring Landscape Maintenance Tips

spring landscape tips ayr

As spring approaches, there are a number of tasks that can be undertaken to spruce up your landscape.  Here are some tips about things that can be done to make things look a bit nicer and prepare the way for summer planting and outdoor activities. Clean up Once the snow is gone, you probably notice…

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