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Landscape Ontario Award Special Interest Construction

Landscape Ontario has awarded a 2010 Special Interest Award to Quiet Nature.

We’re proud of our Landscape Ontario award for our work for this unique property.

Quiet Nature created a rubble filled garden wall, made entirely from reclaimed/salvaged stone. The wall was was designed to look as if it had been partially knocked over at some time in the past, a fun as well as a practical design feature. The broken wall opened a site line to the water feature stream below.

A notch and pin pergola straddles the patio and contributes to the aged and rustic appearance of the outdoor space. The pergola was hand carved and fit, and made from salvaged barn beams with only one exception, a single post which was squared by hand with an axe and without the use of any metal fasteners.2010 Landscape Ontario Special Interest Award

2010 Landscape Ontario Special Interest Award

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